How Long Does It Take For A Humidifier To Start Working (Solved!)

Sometimes it can feel like your humidifier isn’t working!

And you fear the money you spent has gone down the toilet on a broken humidifier.

Or is it trying to teach you a lesson in patience.

I got you covered!

How Long Does It Take For A Humidifier To Start Working

In this article you’ll learn:

  • How long does it take for a humidifier to start working?
  • How long does it take for a humidifier to warm up?
  • What is the best time to run a humidifier? 
  • And much more...

How Long Does It Take For A Humidifier To Start Working? 

I have to break it to you… 

This is not one of those questions where you get a SPECIFIC figure. This is rather the kind question where you get the answer “it depends

It depends? Yes, it depends. 

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But in a perfect world it should take about 3 hours for a humidifier to start working. If you aren't seeing results after 24 hours I would get a little worried.

You got to take into account a few different factors that will tell you how long your humidifier will take before it starts kicking butt and taking names:

  • The output capacity of your humidifier
  • The size of your room or home
  • The speed your humidifier is working on

Some humidifiers might begin to work their Harry Potter magic in hours, and some might take longer to do so.

How Long Does It Take for A Humidifier To Warm Up?

Most humidifiers take 10-15 minutes to warm up.

Different humidifiers take different amounts of time to warm up. But you can speed things up by putting the right temperature water into the humidifier.

Warm mist needs warmer water and cold water for cool mist.

Quick Tip: If your humidifier has not warmed up after an hour, then there might be something wrong.  

How Long Does It Take A Whole House Humidifier to Work?

It takes about 24 hours for a whole house humidifier to work. 

But that's not the case all the time…. 

Here are some reasons it might take longer:

  • The size of the house relative to the humidifier
  • The structure of the house
  • The model of the humidifier
  • The humidity level of the house

Humidifiers will not work like the infinity stones and do all that humidity magic with a snap of a finger!

So expect it to take a little while.

What Is The Best Time To Run A Humidifier?

You love your humidifier so much that you want to run every day all day!

But wait a minute…

Is there a magic time of the day that’s best to run the humidifier? NO. 

Why is there no exact time to keep your humidifier running?

Because dry air doesn't send us emails or cards to inform us when it will be around. 

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The humidifier combats dry air. The best time to run it is anytime dry air’s making you feel uncomfortable.  

You can run your humidifier to deal with seasonal allergies. During spring and summer when mold and pollen pay a visit to town, the humidifier will thrash them in the rings all day.  

What happens to humidifiers that always run? 

Thanos will not come visiting if you keep your humidifier running round the clock. You're safe from the snap (for now…)

humidity snap meme

Keep track of the humidity levels so that they don’t get too high. Too much humidity causes musty odor, stains or the wall and heat strokes 

The last thing you want is for guest to come over and think they stepped into a gym locker room. 

Other Factors For Quickly Humidifying A Room

Do you want to CRUSH humidity like a chain gang crushes rocks? Follow these tips and stop wasting time!

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Size of The Room

The size of your room tells you what kind of humidifier you need. If your room is as small as a closet then you don’t need a huge humidifier. 

The room size determines the size of the humidifier. 

Dampness Level of Your Home

The moisture in your house affects how fast (or slow) your humidifier will work. 

“EXPERTS” say that the humidity indoors should be between 30-50%. The further you are outside the range the longer it takes. 

But once you are in the range you won’t have a problem staying there or keeping it pretty close. Which means you’ll feel it work faster.

Design of Your Room

This is especially for a whole-house humidifier.

A simple design will see quicker humidifying. But if you live in one of the wonders of the world expect it to take more time.  

Height of Your humidifier

It is the case of the higher the better. The best height being 2ft high. 

Some humidifiers are high and large enough to be placed on the ground. 

The simple test will be any humidifier that is above 2ft can be placed on the floor. 

What is the Best Location for Your Humidifier?

Different rules for different rooms! 

The best place to put a humidifier is at the center of the room. So the moisture gets around the room evenly. 

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You should also ensure that your humidifier is not placed close to devices or equipment that have a natural beef with getting wet.

The rules change in the bedroom. 

You can’t cuddle with the humidifier. It must be at least 3 feet away from the bed.  This prevents anybody from breathing in the humidifier’s moist air (like I said, no cuddling!)

Final Thoughts 

It may take some time to see your humidifier’s effect

But there are definitely some ways you can speed the process up. Don’t freak out and toss your dehumidifier in the trash if it’s not working.

It just takes a little bit of time and that word nobody likes to hear “PATIENCE”

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