How Close Should A Humidifier Be To Your Bed

Are you thinking of how close a humidifier should be to your bed?

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In this guide you'll learn:

  • Is it safe for a humidifier to be by your bed
  • Where the best place for your humidifier is in your room
  • 4 easy tips you should follow
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How Close Should A Humidifier Be To Your Bed

Placing your humidifier in the wrong place in your bedroom can mess with your sleeping.

But choosing the right placement can be a little confusing. And the manufacturer's manual doesn't give you any help.  

Placing a humidifier too far or too close to your bed can affect your health.

This article will guide I will help you to choose the right place for your humidifier.

Let's get right to it!

Is It Safe For A Humidifier To Be By Your Bed?


It's safe for a humidifier to be close to your bed.

Keep reading to learn about some things you should think about!

If there's too much moisture near you, created by your humidifier, it can cause minor nasal and throat irritation.

While this isn’t dangerous to your health, it's avoided by placing it a few feet from you.

It's not a good idea to leave your humidifier on carpet. Water that spills from the tank can dampen it and cause problems like mold.

They must also be cleaned regularly to avoid mold growing inside or the humidifier will spray that through the air. 

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Keep your humidifier away from bright windows. When they're exposed to more sunlight, they grow microorganisms in the tank much more quickly.

If you tend to place humidifiers in low spots, remember dirt falls downward through the air.

That means it'll settle and collect in your humidifier which can contribute to algae and mildew inside if it isn’t cleaned often enough.

Use distilled or bottled water to avoid introducing extra bacteria and mineral build-up.

If you must use tap water, make sure to filter it rather than fill your humidifier up straight from the sink.

Try to avoid knocking over your humidifier over because some models boil the water to create steam which could cause burns.

This is why it’s recommended not to put them in a spot where you could bump it when you’re asleep or getting up.

Also be sure it's out of the way of kids or pets. There’s no worse way to be woken up than by a burst of steam or hot water splashing you.

You might also think that placing it by the bed is the best but keep reading and you'll find out why there are some better spots.

How Close Can A Humidifier Be To Your Bed?

Your humidifier should be 3 feet or more away from your bed to work at the best and be the safest.  

Humidifiers work best when allowed to evenly spread vapor through the desired room.

Here are some benefits for this position: 

  • It lowers the disturbing sounds from the humidifier.
  • This position allows the humidifier to spread air evenly around the room.
  • It prevents the led light from the humidifier to disturb your sleep.
  • It reduces the risks of accidents.
  • The hot air from the humidifier can help moisten your airways and skin. Ensure it's not too close to avoid accidents.

If you have nasal congestions, dry skin, dry lips, or a running nose, you can place it a few feet closer than 3 ft.

This works best with warm mist humidifiers.

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Being able to directly breathe in the warm steam acts much like standing in a hot shower. 

Don't put it too close to your bed because it the water is boiling and could burn your skin if you knock the humidifier over.

If you don't want it by the bed, we'll give you tips on the right way to do that. Keep reading to find which placement works for you.

4 Easy Tips To Follow For Ideal Humidifier Placement

Tip #1: A height of 2 feet or more off the ground is best, though they can be placed on the floor if needed.

Tip #2: Humidifiers are ideally kept on level surfaces, such as a small end table. The surface shouldn’t be metallic either.

Tip #3: Keep them away from places where there will be constant sunlight on it.

Tip #4: Humidifiers work best in the center of the room but that can be inconvenient. Even being placed to one side, it’ll still function as intended.

humidifier sleeping facts

Tips For Using A Humidifier While You Sleep

Humidifiers are best placed a few feet away from a place you’ll be spending many hours in.

That's one reason it's not recommended having them right next to a bed.

Light sleepers may also be disturbed or awoken by the noises they make, which can range from a low bubbling to gurgles.

Heavy sleepers probably won’t notice any noise.

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It’s a good idea not to be directly next to your humidifier so you don't have concentrated moisture sprayed onto you.

The human body fluctuates in temperature while sleeping and having a warm mist very close could become bothersome and cause you to wake up.

If you're tossing and turning from being uncomfortable, this raises the chance of knocking the humidifier over too.

Placing it further away cuts the likelihood of that happening.

Make sure you use distilled water. Distilled water will help your humidifier release quality air.

Tap water contains minerals that can encourage mold and bacteria growth.

These minerals create white dust, which can trigger allergies. 

Should You Let Your Humidifier Run Through The Night?

There's no reason to keep your humidifier off at night if you’re following safety tips and it won’t disturb your sleep. 

Benefits of sleeping with a humidifier in the bedroom range from helping people who snore because of a dry throat to making your skin softer if it’s been dried out and cracked from cold or dry air.

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Some people see less static shock from fabrics and others find they no longer wake up with a gravelly voice and regular throat discomfort.

Ensure your particular model has an auto shut-off feature in case it runs out of water since you won’t be able to check water levels and refill it like you could during the day.

Other safety precautions include ensuring your air is actually dehydrated. A hygrometer measures humidity in a room so you can know for sure.

If your air is moister than you realize, adding extra liquid to it can allow mildew and other spores to thrive. 

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends humidity inside a home be no more than 60%, but 30-50% is ideal.

Final Thoughts On How Close Should A Humidifier Be To Your Bed 

Having a humidifier near your bed can help you breathe easier in your sleep, reduce your snoring or the sore throat you often wake up with.

As we learned though, humidifiers work better when they can evenly spread moisture throughout the room.

It's best to keep them in the center of the room or at least a few feet from you but it’s safe to put the humidifier by your bed if you wish.

While there may be better placement options for it, in the long run it shouldn’t hurt you if you like to have it closer.

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