How Close Should A Humidifier Be To A Baby (Solved!)

I hate when my baby gets a runny nose. I have to constantly fight with her to wipe her nose.

And using those blue suction bulbs is like starting World War 3. 

Humidifiers work great but how close should they be to your baby?

3 feet away is the safest distance that will help your baby win the battle against germs!

How Close Should A Humidifier Be To A Baby

In this article you'll also learn:

  • Is it safe to put a humidifier in a baby’s room?
  • Why 3 to feet is the perfect distance for the humidifier?
  • Should you let your humidifier run all night in the baby’s room?

How Close Can A Humidifier Be To Your Baby?

3 to 4 feet away from your baby's crib is how close a humidifier should be.

For the best results and safety of your baby putting the humidifier in the center of the room is the best place.

It should be put on a table, dresser, or even a chair. Just keep it off the floor.

You don't want your baby (I'm talking about the TERRIBLE 2's) escaping their crib like a prison break and knocking over the humidifier.

The water in your carpet will turn to mold if you don't deal with it.

Putting the humidifier in the middle of the room is very important because it will evenly HUMIDIFY the room.

What happens if your humidifier is too close to your baby?

Microorganisms will get on the crib where your baby sleeps. It can cause your baby to have allergies.  

You also want to check the noise level of the humidifier to make sure that it isn’t too loud for the baby to stay asleep at night.

Most humidifiers run incredibly quiet or put out a bit of white noise, but one that’s close to the baby might be too loud and keep them up.

So just place it a few feet away from your baby and they should be okay!

Can A Humidifier Hurt A Baby?


It's safe to use a humidifier in a baby’s room.


babies love to get into everything so you have to be careful. Power cords is one of my babies favorite things to try to pull out of the electrical outlet.

She figured out how to pull out power cords around the house QUICK. So we had to make sure we put things in places where she couldn't reach.

The water in humidifiers don't play well with electricity.

She also loves to touch everything. I had to make sure it was put up so she didn't accidentally knock it over. 

I highly recommend you buy an ultrasonic humidifier or a cool mist humidifier. Warm mist humidifiers boil water and if your baby knocks it over they will burn themselves. (A parents worst fear!)

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You need to make sure you buy the right humidifier for your baby's room size.

What can happen if you buy the wrong size humidifier?

Too much moisture from the humidifier will make threatening microorganisms grow. 

If you don't do anything about this it can make your baby sick. 

Don't leave your humidifier in sunlight. Mold will grow in your humidifier and it's also harmful to your baby.

Use distilled water to prevent this from happening.

Those are the only major safety concerns. Take care of that and your baby will be perfectly fine!

Baby room humidifier

Should You Let Your Humidifier Run Through The Night In Your Babies Room


I let the humidifier in my babies room run all night. It works great. Especially when she isn't feeling good the night before.

It's a good idea to leave the door open or cracked. If you don't too much moisture will build up and cause allergies from mold spores and dust.

What if your baby isn't sick?

It's still a great idea to let your run because it can stop your baby from getting sick. We pretty much let it run every night. Just make sure the water is empty when you aren't running it.

I love sleeping through the night. (Bet you do too!) Babies make that almost IMPOSSIBLE.

But humidifiers will help your baby sleep at night. Your baby will get a more comfortable sleep because no dry air means no congestion.

White noise coming from the humidifier will help your baby fall sleep faster. 

Archives of Disease in Childhood did a study that found out of 40 babies, 80% of them fell asleep in the first 5 minutes when they white noise.

If you're having trouble getting your baby to fall asleep, then you need to try it out!

Good Sleep = Happiness when you're a parent.

Final Thoughts On How Close Should A Humidifier Be To Your Baby

Keep the humidifier 3-4 feet away from your baby and off the floor and everything will be good to go. 

Humidifiers are safe as long as keep them out of reach. (We are talking to you toddlers)

They benefit your babies health as well as your own. Everybody will get better sleep in your house after you get a humidifier.

So don't be afraid to place a humidifier in your baby’s room!

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