Are Humidifiers Safe For Cats (Solved and Explained!)


You love your cat but you don't want to take them to the vet for every sickness.

You've done some research but are humidifiers safe for cats? 

Yes they are safe and can really help your cat!

In this guide you'll learn:

Are Humidifiers Safe For Cats
  • How humidity affects your cat
  • Which type of humidifier is better
  • Are ultrasonic humidifiers dangerous for cats
  • And much more...
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Is Humidity Bad for Cats

Cats have different reactions to different humidity levels.

It depends on the season.  

Keep reading and I'll break it down!

Your Cat vs High humidity 

It's true that cats have more endurance than us and aren't bothered by high temperatures. 

But there are levels of heat that even your noble cat must bend the knee to…

Temperatures greater than 90°F.

The consequences of high humidity are heat stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration.

It's hard to spot whether your cat is about to have heat stroke compared to other animals.

Watch out for these signs:

  • Excessive Panting
  • Drooling
  • Bright Red Tongue
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness

QUICK TIP: Your cat always give hints of the discomfort. One example is if they look for a shady area.

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What about low humidity levels?

Low humidity has to be better for your cat, right?


It's better but it comes with its own set of problems.

  • Dry coat filled with dandruff
  • Non-Stop scratching
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing

It's definitely not close to as bad as high humidity. Just more uncomfortable for your cat.

Can Cats Be Around Humidifiers?

YES….'s perfectly safe for a cat to be around your humidifier.

You already know cats are TROUBLE MAKERS. Keeping them from knocking things over is like a full time job. (I heard it doesn’t pay well)

They might see your humidifier like they see their favorite mouse toy.

Try to keep an eye on your cat as best you can.

Warm or Cool Mist Humidifier for Cats: Which One Is Better?

Many cat owners like cool mist better.

Why do they like cool mist humidifiers better?

No, it's not because it has the word “cool" in it.

Cats are playful.

Warm mist humidifiers using boiling water.

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If you use this kind of humidifier and your cat knocks it over...

You'll remember reading this and think "I should've listened to that guy". 

Cool mist humidifier feel very familiar and calming for cats. Because it gives them the same feeling as when they groom themselves

MONEY SAVING TIP: If your cat has an Upper Respiratory Infection you can bring your cat in bathroom when you take a shower. It's a FREE way to use warm mist without the DANGER!

Do Ultrasonic Humidifiers Bother Cats?



Because they can’t hear them. Cats have better hearing than humans and they still can’t hear this humidifier.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers operate at 20 TIMES the frequency that cats can hear.

Some cat owners say that their cats suddenly turn into Inspector Gadget… 

Can they actually hear the sound? 

I know…

that's supposed to be impossible! Do you have a super cat on your hands?

The explanation's simple. (Not that I am against super cats)

Your cats won’t not hear the humidifier working. But it will hear the small fan motor spinning in the humidifier.

The sound of the motor changes as it travels through water. 

In this case curiosity won't kill the cat!

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Will A Humidifier Help A Cat With A Cold?

Another YES...

A humidifier can help your cat with cold. 

Doctors have recommended that you get your cat to sit across from a humidifier.(If you can) This should be done for thirty minutes over two-three days.

Humidifiers can relieve congestion in your cat. (just like a newborn baby)

Don’t hold back in getting a humidifier for your cat to help it with cold!


Pets are important parts of our lives.

It is great to know that they can participate safely in our use of humidifiers. And it's beneficial to them. 

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