Best Place To Put A Dehumidifier In A 2 Story House

Figuring out where you should put your dehumidifier when you live in a 2 story house is hard.

You want to make sure its in the best place to work at its greatest potential.

The best place to put a dehumidifier in your 2 story house is upstairs by the stairs. (Or in the basement if you have one.)

Best Place To Put A Dehumidifier In A 2 Story House

In this guide you'll learn

  • The benefits of putting you dehumidifier on the stairs
  • Where you should put your dehumidifier if you decide you want it downstairs
  • And much more...

Why The Upstairs Is The Best Place For You Dehumidifier

Humid air rises. So the second floor is more humid than the first floor. Putting it close to the stairs will make sure your downstairs isn't left out.

The second option is putting your dehumidifier where the HUMIDITY MONSTER LIVES. The basement.

I know I'm telling the exact opposite of what I just said.(Stupid science) But warm air loves to creep into your basement.

That warm air is gonna feed that Humidity Monster that lives in the basement and you're going to need a dehumidifier down there to beat it.

Other Factors For Dehumidifying A 2 Story House

Keep reading to find out things you need to think about.

Where to put a dehumidifier facts

Does The Temperature Of Your House Matter?

"EXPERTS" say dehumidifiers work the best in the coldest room. 

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But are they right?

In a cold room your dehumidifier doesn't have to work as hard to pull water out the air. It does end up working slower. But it's much more energy efficient.

The exact opposite happens in a warm room. But they will still end up pulling out the same amount of water regardless.

Does this make temperature matter?

Kind of... (shoulder shrug)

If the "experts" were talking about energy then they were right.

But your dehumidifier is going to work the same regardless of temperature.

But it comes down to your preference. Or where you plan on spending your time.

What Floor Has The Most Moisture In the Air?

Research by the Environmental Protection Agency shows that your house's humidity should be below 60% in summer and between 25% - 40% in winter.

You can use a hygrometer to measure the relative humidity of your house.

Check out this hygrometer on Amazon by clicking here.

The main places you'll find the most moisture are the basement, upstairs and your crawl space so I would check there first.

What Part Of Your House Has The Best Airflow?

If you want your dehumidifier to reach its full potential you have to put it in the part of your house that has the best airflow.

The more air it can take in - the more water it can take out. 

Put your dehumidifier in the middle of the room that way it can evenly put out dry air FASTER.

In a small room and bedrooms it will be harder. You're going to have to play around to figure out the best for that room.

Quick tip: Keep dehumidifiers out of corners and away from a ton of furniture. Place it at least 6 inches away from walls. (Especially in smaller rooms)

Keep Your Dehumidifier Away From Dust Bunnies

DUST BUNNIES, my natural enemy! 

I swear no matter how many times you get rid of them they always come back.

Dehumidifiers do a great job of trapping dust and airborne particles and holding them in filter jail. (I love seeing those dust bunnies in orange jumpsuits)

Dust bunnies love to hang out by the windows or air vents. That's exactly why my earlier tip was so important. Those dust bunnies can clog up the filter fast.

Keep it away from those dust bunnies and your dehumidifier will last longer with less maintenance. 

Where You Feel It’s Best To Put Your Humidifier

Your house is different from mine. You've got to put your lab coat on and do some experimenting too. 

I've given you the blueprints to go off of and now I'm handing you the reins.

Quick Tip: Make sure you don't put it too close to electrical outlets. The last thing I want you to do is shock yourself because the water spilled out the tank.

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Is There A Benefit To Putting A Dehumidifier Upstairs?


Because the 2nd floor usually has the higher in a 2 story house, you will see huge benefits.

Putting a dehumidifier upstairs will the most moisture because it's more humid. 

I'm gonna let you in a little secret.

You can use a whole house dehumidifier. Don't bend over backwards trying to figure out the best place and just use a whole house dehumidifier.

Where Should You Put Your Dehumidifier Downstairs?

Basement, laundry rooms or crawls are the usual suspects behind high humidity downstairs.

We talked about basements earlier.

Crawl spaces have high humidity for the same reasons as basements. Your washer and dryer cause humid air in your laundry room. If you have a messed up vent it will have nowhere to go. (and Houston we have a problem.)

If you feel like you have high humidity downstairs pick one of those 3 spots and give it a try.

If you don't feel any difference in a day then change spots.

Final Thoughts on Dehumidifiers In Two Story Houses

The best place for your dehumidifier in your two story house really depends which floor is more humid. 

If you decide to place it upstairs make sure it's close to the stairs.

If you have a basement or a crawl space you may want to put it there.

At the end of the day it all comes down to you. I just gave you the tools to make the best decision for your house!

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