5 Best Dehumidifiers For The Garage 2021: Ultimate Buyers Guide

I spent 15 hours researching and test the best dehumidifiers for the garage.

The hOmeLabs 4500 Dehumidifier is by far the best. 

In this guide you'll learn:

best dehumidifier for garage

  • Why you need a dehumidifier for your garage.
  • Things to consider before you buy a dehumidifier.
  • Honest product reviews that will help you choose the best dehumidifier for your garage.
  • And much more...

Take a look at this comparison table showing all the dehumidifiers that will work best in your garage!

hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier
  • Huge water tank
  • Easy to use
  • Turns off when the water tank is full
  • Huge water tank
  • Easy to use
  • Turns off when the water tank is full
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Vremi 50 Pint Dehumidifier
  • Turbo fan is super powerful
  • Remembers your settings if you lose power
  • Easy to maintain
  • Turbo fan is super powerful
  • Remembers your settings if you lose power
  • Easy to maintain
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AIRPLUS 70 Pints Dehumidifier
  • Best at running 24/7
  • Long hose comes included
  • Runs efficiently
  • Best at running 24/7
  • Long hose comes included
  • Runs efficiently
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Waykar 2000 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier
  • Auto detects your current humidity level
  • Can dry your clothes
  • Runs really quietly
  • Auto detects your current humidity level
  • Can dry your clothes
  • Runs really quietly
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Shinco 3,000 Sq.Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier
  • Comes with a reusable filter
  • Great customer support and warranty
  • Hose is included
  • Comes with a reusable filter
  • Great customer support and warranty
  • Hose is included
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Top 5 Best Dehumidifiers For The Garage

Take a look at all my top picks for dehumidifiers that will work best in your garage.

Best Garage Dehumidifiers Reviews

The hOmeLabs is the ultimate garage humidifier.

Because your garage is affected by the outside you will need a much stronger dehumidifier.

This one removes 50 pints of moisture in the air per day.

The water tank can hold 1.8 gallons of water.

Which means you won't be changing the tank everyday.

1.8 gallons is pretty heavy so there's a handle which will make it much easier to dump.


Or you can attach a hose to back that will drain it for you. This way you can it continually and never have to shut it off.  

hOmelabs is super easy to use. One button selects 3 different modes.  You can choose from continuous, turbo, or set your desired humidity level.


  • Can run 24/7
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Holds 1.8 gallons of water


  • Hose is sold seperately 

Vremi aka the "moisture maniac" is another perfect choice for your garage.

It's super easy to use. Just touch the humidity setting you want and you're good to go.

What if you lose power?

Well, don't worry because this dehumidifier will remember what setting it was set to.

You only have to clean the filter once a month.  Then you pop it back in and you're ready to go

The tank has a waterline so you can quickly check when it's full and needs to be dumped out.  


  • Easy to maintain
  • Remembers your last settings
  • Turbo fan mode is powerful


  • Drain hose isn't included

The AIRPLUS 70 Pint Dehumidifier is one of the best continuous dehumidifiers you'll find.

It's a real pain in the a** to keep dumping the water bucket over and over.

Especially because the AIRPLUS comes with such a small one.

Thankfully it comes with a 5 foot hose so you can literally always have it running.

The hose is easy to hook up and the water will run right out of your garage. 

Because you can run it without ever stopping you can protect your garage from mold and mildew or work with being uncomfortable.


  • Continuous drainage
  • Long hose attachment
  • Super efficient


  • Small water tank 

The Waykar dehumidifier has everything you need to lower the humidity of your garage.

You can set the humidity level you want to be at. 

Once it gets your garage to that humidity it will shut off. Which will save your electricity bill.

When the humidity starts to rise it will cut itself back on and bring the humidity back down.

When the water is full an alarm will let you know it needs to be dumped.

A quick note to remember:

Make sure the vent flap is open because it won't work if it's not.


  • Always detects humidity levels
  • Can be used to dry clothes
  • Super quiet


  • Vent flap needs to be open to work

The Shinco is one of the quietest dehumidifiers on my list.

Some users have said that after just one day they felt a huge difference in the humidity levels.

Shinco switches from its high setting to low automatically once it reaches your desired humidity level. 

It usually takes about 8 hours to fill up the entire tank before you have to dump it.

When you run it on high it's loud. 

So if you plan on moving the Shinco into your bedroom at night low is the best setting.


  • Comes with the hose
  • Reusable filter
  • Great warranty


  • Too loud during bedtime

Why Do You Need A Dehumidifier For Your Garage?

Have you ever heard of garage floor sweat? 

Well it's a real thing and can happen to your garage floor if you aren't careful. Garage floor sweat is what happens when the moisture in the air Falls onto your garage floor.

One day without realizing it you could end up slipping and falling because of the moisture on the ground.

That could cause you to have a serious injury. send someone else's page a little bit 

Mold and mildew can also grow in your garage because of high humidity. High humidity can also cause potential structural damage to your home and cause wood to rot. 

Condensation can also cause your  parked cars and motorcycles to rust.

A dehumidifier will save you a ton of money and injuries by preventing any of these issues from happening.

How Does Dehumidifiers For Garages Work?

A dehumidifier works by sucking in the air in your garage and then separating the moisture from the air.

It then puts the fresh air back into your garage. This will reduce the moisture in your garage. 

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It also removes some of the humidity in your garage as well. So while you work in the garage it won't feel so muggy.

How Much Electricity Do Garage Dehumidifiers Use?

According to learnmetrics the average energy use for dehumidifiers is pretty low. 

The average 70 pint dehumidifier only uses about 700 watts of power. It will only cost you about $1 a day to run your dehumidifier for 10 hours.

You want to look for the most energy efficient dehumidifier possible.

That will save you the most money on electricity for the year.

What Do You Look For In The Best Dehumidifiers For Garages?


Temperature is something that's completely out of your control. For it tow work properly it should be at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

You start running into problems when you get into freezing temperatures.

Don't worry,

A dehumidifier still works when it's freezing outside you just have to make sure it has an auto defrost feature.

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Auto defrost will remove built up frost from the evaporator coils. If you didn't have the feature your compressor would go bad and not work.

That would cause the dehumidifier to not pull as much moisture as it should.

Draining Your Dehumidifier

This really depends on how long you want it to run. All dehumidifiers come with a tank that collects the moisture it takes out of the air.

When the tank is full the dehumidifier will automatically turn off until the tank is emptied.

This can be a pain if you constantly have to empty your tank.

Talk about back pain!

Your other option is continuous drainage. Bigger dehumidifiers either come with a hose or you can buy one separately.  

You have the option to run it all the time and house will automatically drain the water. 

I personally recommend the continuous drainage because you are outside in the garage. The water can be drained either on the driveway or in your yard. 

Easy To Move

Pretty much all the dehumidifiers meant for large spaces very easy to move.

Mostly all of them have wheels making them easy to push around. This will come really in handy if they are full of water.

Also a lot of them are designed with handles or places where you are meant to grab. 

This is a great option when its empty and you want to take it up the stairs.

Being portable is great because you will be able to use the dehumidifier for more than just your garage.

Humidity Level

The worst thing you can do is get a dehumidifier that's not capable of removing the humidity from your garage.

Garage Humidity Levels

The more humid of area you live in the more powerful dehumidifier you will need to get rid of the issue.

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Remember because your garage is directly affected by the outside you're dealing with much higher humidity.

This also sort of goes hand and hand with our next thing to keep in mind.

Size Of Your Garage

Along with the humidity levels you also need to consider the size of your garage.

The bigger the garage the more powerful you will need the dehumidifier to be.

If you buy the wrong size rating than nothing will happen and you will continue to have a humid garage. 

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