3 Best 95 Pint Dehumidifier 2021: Ultimate Buyers Guide

You don’t have to live in a sticky, stuffy, humid house.

I know how CRUSHING it can be to you see your thermostat reading 60 degrees. 

But it FEELS like 90 degrees. 

I spent 10 hours researching and brought the list down to my top 3 dehumidifiers based on performance, usability, and portability.

Best 95 Pint Dehumidifier

The best 95 pint dehumidifier is the Aprilaire 1852 Pro Dehumidifier! 

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • The dehumidifier that will return you to comfortable living.
  • Why you need a 95 pint dehumidifier
  • The different types and which one you need (So you don’t waste your time and money)
  • And much more...

My Top 3 95-Pint Dehumidifiers

Here's a quick look at my top three favorite picks for 95 pint (or bigger) dehumidifiers.

Best 95-Pint Dehumidifiers Reviewed

The Aprilaire 1852 Pro Dehumidifier is the best dehumidifier at this price.

It’s a warrior at fighting high humidity and it's always ready for battle.

Aprilaire’s 1852 Pro Dehumidifier lowers the humidity of your whole house.

This will save you tens of thousands of dollars on possible structural wood rot. 

Your home will be a safe place to live and you won’t need to hire someone to replace your wood.  

If you get sick all the time, this dehumidifier fights against viruses by keeping the relative humidity at less than 60%.

This helps keep your family, friends, and co-workers from getting sick. 

It has a Merv-8 filter, which is one of the most popular filters in the United States. 

This filter traps and OBLITERATES dust and mold spores like tar pits did to the dinosaurs.


  • Only runs when the humidity passes the level that you set (saving you money on electricity)

  • Ready to dehumidifier your entire house
  • Built like a ox- this bad boy won't ever rust 


  • No water tank; has to be hosed to a drain

The Ivation 6000 Square Foot Dehumidifier isn’t the best, but it’s definitely worth the cost.

It performs close to the Aprilaire, at half the price.

I like to think it's Aprilaire's little brother.

You don’t get the same power, but you do get a dehumidifier that’s easier to use.

You can change to the PERFECT settings quickly to CRUSH the high relative humidity in your house.

This dehumidifier is much lighter than other dehumidifiers, so you can move it to the room that needs it the most.

It earned an Energy Star rating from the Environmental Protection Agency.

That means it’s more energy efficient than 75% of all dehumidifiers.

You will save money on your electric bill and be able to let the dehumidifier run longer.

The only con is the Department of Energy recently changed it’s standards and it lost its 95 pint rating. Even though it lost the rating it still removes the same amount of moisture as it did before.


  • Can run 24/7 - your house will always be at a comfortable humidity

  • Water tank lets you know when its full and the dehumidifier shuts off so won't have to clean water off the floor.
  • Losing power won't stop humidifier - it will turn itself back on right where it left off.


  • Compressor stops running while the pump is on
  • New DoE standards may re-classify it as 60-pint

I know this whole time you've been thinking “I want a 95 pint not 164 pint dehumidifier, why did he add this?”. 

Let me explain.

The Colzer 164 Pint Dehumidifier is more powerful than the Aprilaire and cheaper. (That’s a win-win in my book.)

It kind of looks like a droid from Star Wars. 

It’s also smart like a droid from Star Wars just with humidity because it monitors the humidity in your home and turns itself on. (It might not be THE DROIDS YOUR LOOKING FOR but it’s definitely THE DEHUMIDIFIER YOUR LOOKING FOR!)

You won’t come home and wait for your house to cool down because the dehumidifier will already be working.

If you’re looking for portability - the Colzer Dehumidifier has back wheels that are HUGE (for a dehumidifier).

And with the handle it makes it really easy to take it up and down stairs.

You can move it around entire house instead of it being stuck in one room or on one floor.


  • Most powerful dehumidifier on my list
  • Big wheels makes it super easy to move around the house
  • It can hold an insane amount of water so you don't have to keep emptying it out


  • Very heavy (nearly 100 pounds)

What Are 95 Pint Dehumidifiers?

95 pint dehumidifiers are BEASTS! 

Did You Know? The average size of a house in America is 1760 square feet.

These dehumidifiers work in areas up 6000 square feet. That’s more than 4 TIMES the square footage!(That’s insane)

You can change the humidity levels of your entire house NO PROBLEM.

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What Are The Different Types?

You only have 2 choices. 

The heat pump and ventilator dehumidifier.


Let me explain!

The heat pump dehumidifier works just like a vacuum. It sucks in all the moisture in the air. And collects it into a water tank or drains it out the hose. 

You can set it up anywhere in your house and move it wherever you like.

The ventilator works the same way. But it’s more like an air conditioner. You have to put it in a window because the moisture goes outside. 

They are HEAVY and stuck in ONE place. I’m not about to lift a 100 pound dehumidifier and I’ll bet you don’t want to either.

You paid for the dehumidifier and now you have to pay for the installation too. (Ouch)

Save your time and money and get a heat pump dehumidifier. (You can thank me later)

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What Do You Need To Look For

Click the next button if you don’t find a 95 pint dehumidifier with these key features:

  • Can watch humidity levels.
  • Run cycles automatically.
  • Has the option to drain with a hose.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Has wheels. (I know sounds crazy but stay with me)

I know you’re thinking “why are these things important?”.

Hold on I’m going to get to that in a second.

Here are some cool features have but you don’t need:

  • LED display
  • Auto restart
  • Frost control
  • Full tank alerts

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Let’s get into those must-have-features!

It Runs On It’s Own (Set It And Forget It)

When you combine a dehumidifier that can watch humidity levels and run cycles automatically it can run by itself.(It’s so cool) 

Your dehumidifier will watch your humidity levels to make sure it stays in the range that you set.

When it’s out of range it automatically turns on bringing your humidity levels down.Then it turns itself back off. 

Set it and forget it.

You can run it all day long and never again come home to a muggy miserable house. Your energy bill won’t go through the roof either.(Shameless house pun)

Comes With A Hose Drain Option

You know you can set it and forget it.

But how do you truly get your dehumidifier to run 24/7/365

The only way is to hook up a hose to it and let the water drain, sink, or bathtub. And you will never have to truly touch your dehumidifier again. 

Dumping out gallons of heavy water buckets every couple of days is a real pain in the a**! 

You don’t want to mess up your back either. 

Energy Efficient

I don’t want you to see your power bill and have your eyes pop out like in an episode of Tom and Jerry.

Wasting electricity because you now know you can run your dehumidifier all the time will make your pockets lighter.

Energy efficient dehumidifiers will prevent this from happening. 

And they’re environmentally friendly. (You’re doing your part to save the planet!)


You might hear people call them casters. (Why? I don’t know)  

I’ll stick to calling them wheels. 

95 pint dehumidifiers are TITANS. Some weigh up to 100 pounds. You'll end up looking like the hunchback of Notre Dam if you have to carry it around the house.

Wheels give you the ability to put your dehumidifier in the place you need it most.

Final Thoughts On Best 95-Pint Dehumidifiers

If there’s excess moisture in the air in your home or basement, you might be in the market for a 95-pint dehumidifier.

Using one will help prevent moisture buildup which can cause undesirable bacteria and mold growth in places where you don’t want it. 

The Aprilaire 1852 Pro is the best option overall and you can check it out on Amazon by clicking here

With its quality construction and how it operates, you won’t find a better option than the Aprilaire.

The high price of the Aprilaire isn’t for everyone, so check out the other two options in this guide.

 All three of the options on this list will help reduce the excess moisture content in the air. So no matter which you choose, you’ll be getting a great product that will help keep the air in your home as healthy as possible!

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