Where’s The Best Place For Air Purifiers: 11 Rules For Amazing Results

After a day of testing where to place an air purifier (I even broke out my white lab coat!).

I got some interesting results. There’s not one absolute best place to put your purifier. 


Where To Put Air Purifier

There are some important rules you should follow to get the cleanest air possible.

So breathe a sigh of fresh relief and keep reading because…

In this article you will learn:

  • Simple steps you can take to find the best place for your air purifier
  • Places you shouldn't put your air purifier
  • Where's the best place to put an air purifier in your bedroom

Put Your Air Purifier Where Your Air Quality Is The Worst

If your eyes are watering and your nose is burning in a certain area of your house then it's a good idea to put your air purifier and that spot first.

Some of the Worst air quality in your house comes from the kitchen.

The kitchen has a whole bunch of odors from cooking, dirty sink, and trash can.

Pets, dirty diapers, dust and pollen are other culprits that ruin air quality in your house. Your air purifier will lock up all of these pollutants and throw away the key.

What if you live in an apartment and your house is always spotless clean?

Your neighbors could be the problem. if you live in an apartment you share the same ventilation system.

All the bad air from your neighbor's apartment can get into yours. If you live next to a really NASTY NEIGHBOR the pollutants can seep through the walls  (Gross right!).

The worst part is you won’t even know it’s happening. The best place to put your air purifier in this case will be by your vents.

Don't Put Your Air Purifier On The Ground

The worst place you can put your air purifier is on the ground. put your air purifier 3 to 5 feet above the ground for the best results.

Mount your air purifier to the wall if you want to have the cleanest air on the block.

Some air purifiers are actually made to be mounted on the wall and that's where they work the best. 

If your air purifier isn’t made to be mounted on the wall you can still do it.

It's just like hanging a picture frame on the wall but instead it’s your air purifier.

Quick Tip: Mounting your air purifier in your kitchen is  your safest option.

What's the benefit of putting your air purifier 3-5 feet in the air? 

Getting it off the ground helps your air purifier suck in particles in your room evenly.

That way it will get particles in from the ground to the ceiling and not miss anything. 

The Right Size Air Purifier For The Job

Using the right size air purifier with the right power for your room is just as important as where you decide to put it.

Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR for short, figures out the power of the air purifier and what room size it’s rated for.

If you have an air purifier that’s too weak it won't matter where you put it because it won't help with air quality. 

You won't have enough power to suck up all the air in the room and filter the clean air back out.

You might think the solution is to get the biggest air purifier possible. 

That's a big MISTAKE. 

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If you get an air purifier that's too big it will keep filtering already filtered air. You'll be flushing money down the drain.

Make sure that it’s rated for the room size for the room you want it in. If it's a little bit bigger or smaller that's okay too.

Electronics Don't Play Well With Air Purifiers

Air purifiers don't play well with your electronics that emit radio waves. If you put them too close to each other they COULD  start to not work right. 

You paid a lot of money for it to work and you don't want to mess it up by putting it near a microwave, TV, or surround sound system. 

Try to keep your air purifier at least five feet away from any electronics you have that emit radio waves.

Humid Rooms And Air Purifiers 

Many people think that humid air is heavy. And because of this thought they think that an air purifier won't work as well in  high humidity.

This is FALSE!

Dry air is actually heavier than humid air.

Places like bathrooms and kitchens after you cook are fine places to put your air purifier (they’re also the smelliest places). 

But you can kill two birds with one stone and put a dehumidifier in there as well. That will take care of mold growing and any bad odors.

Don't Corner Your Air Purifier

I know you've heard the saying “if you corner a dog it'll bite you.”. 

I have a new saying for you to remember “ if you corner an air purifier it won't work.”.

Air purifiers need to be able to suck air in to filter the clean air back out. If you put your air purifier in the corner it won't be able to suck who the air in. Or you'll be stopping the purified air from filling up the room.

Air purifiers work best away from walls and corners. 

How far should you put your air purifier away from the wall?

A QUICK and EASY way to know if it's too close is to use your phone to measure (throw away that tape measurer). 

It should be an Iphone 11 length away from the wall or about 6 inches.

That’s the bare minimum. At least a foot away would be best.

The best place in the room would be the most open area so the clean  because air can be distributed evenly.

AirFlow Is An Air Purifiers Best Friend

Earlier I told you that the corner is the worst place for air flow.

Putting your air purifier where air is moving the fastest will help it clean air FASTER and EFFECTIVELY.

Moving air carries with it larger particles for your air purifier to trap.  If you aren't worried about a certain room and you just care about speed then I would put it near a door or window.

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You could also put it in the hallway that has a lot of air movement. Most air purifiers take in air from the front so just keep that in mind.

That brings me to my next point...

Don’t Block Off It Off

Don't surround your air purifier with furniture or anything that will block it from collecting air.

You want your air purifier to be able to suck in as much air as possible as quickly as possible. 

If you block it off it'll make it's job harder and it'll take longer to clean the air in your house. 

If you keep your air purifier off the ground this won't be an issue.

Use Your Air Purifier As A Pollution Guard Dog

Using your air purifier as a pollution guard dog sounds a little strange.

But let me explain…

Spring is a great time to leave the doors and windows open and enjoy the fresh air. The only problem is that there is a ton of pollen in the air. 

And with your windows and doors open that pollen is going to get into your house.  

What're you going to do about it?

You put your air purifier guard dog in front of your door to keep the pollen from getting in (An allergy fighters best friend). 

This will really work in any situation. 

This is really helpful for people who live with a pet allergy. I get it you can't live without your best friend but they keep you sneezing all the time especially at night. 

Put your air purifier by your door To keep out any hair or  particles that you may be allergic to. 

This would be a complete GAME CHANGER and you'll get a great night's rest from now on.

Keep Your Air Purifier Moving

If you hung up your air purifier on the wall you can skip this step.

Keep reading if you didn’t.

Your air purifier is effective in many different places in your house. NOT JUST ONE!

If you want the cleanest air all over your house the best thing you can do is move your air purifier around from room to room.

You have it follow you around the house or put it in the areas that you know have the worst air quality.

A lot of air purifiers come with a gauge that will measure the air quality.

When the air starts to improve in one spot, move it to the next.

Best Place For Your Air Purifier In Your Bedroom

In the bedroom an air purifier should be placed with the clean air coming out toward your head. Some air purifiers are loud and can make it hard for you to get good sleep (kind of defeats the purpose, right?). 

So you don’t want to place them too close. 

Also, if you are too close to the air blowing out it could make you sick.

You know how much it sucks to wake up with a dry and sore throat ( I DO!).  

Putting it by the tv is also a bad idea.


Where’s the best place then?

I like to put my air purifier by the door for two reasons. First, it’s far enough away I can’t hear it and it’s away from any electronics. 

Second, it catches any cat hair that's coming into my room since I’m mildly allergic. 

What Should You Do Next

Experiment in your house and find out what works best for you.

Everyone’s house is different but with the guidelines in this article you will have the cleanest and freshest air.

Learn how to keep your air purifier clean and running like brand new by clicking here!


Comment down below where you found the best place for your air purifier in your house.

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