How To Clean An Air Purifier (Quick and Easy!)

In this guide, I break down easy to follow steps on how to clean an air purifier so it's squeaky clean. 

A clean air purifier will make it work as well as the day you got it and save you money on filters or buying a whole new one. 

How To Clean An Air Purifier

If you're into saving money, breathe a sigh of the freshest air on your block because I'm going to learn all the tricks of the trade!

How To Clean An Air Purifier 

The air purifier is made up of three parts that you have clean:

  • Air Inlet
  • Air Outlet
  • Air Filter

First we are going to go over how to clean the actual air purifier which is made up of the air inlet and outlet.

For safety before cleaning the air purifier make sure you unplug it. Now that that’s done let's get started!

You have a couple of options for cleaning the body of the air purifier. A damp cloth will work just fine.

Wipe the air inlet and air outlet located on the front and the back of the air purifier.

Take out the air filter so you can clean the inside of the air purifier and get the backside of the air inlet and inside of the air outlet.

An air compressor is a really easy way to clean the air inlet and outlet. You can also just use your vacuum.

Use the vacuum attachment and put your vacuum on the lowest setting.

Now that the body of the air purifier is clean you need to clean the filters.

How To Clean The Pre Filter

Some air purifiers come with a pre filter. The pre filter is like the bouncer outside of the club. It stops the larger particles from getting to the main filter.

You should clean the pre filter once a month. If there’s any damage to it you’ll need to replace it. Most of the time it will last 3 months before it needs to be replaced.

Air compressors work really well on the pre filter.


Water works just fine and you don’t need to use any soap on the pre filter.

How To Clean A HEPA Filter

There are two different types of HEPA filters and it's important that you know the difference. 

Depending on which type you have will change the type of cleaning you need to do.

The two types are:

  • Washable HEPA Filter
  • Non-washable HEPA Filter

Check your owners manual to find out which one you have.

Clean the HEPA filter outside if you're going to blow it with air or if the vacuum doesn't have a HEPA filter because it will go back into the air in your house.

Let’s take a deeper look at how to clean both types.

How To Clean A Washable HEPA Filter

The easiest way to clean a washable HEPA filter is to go outside and vacuum it with the bush attachment. 

Then soak it in cold water and you don’t have to add any soap and dish detergents. 

You can also rinse the filter out until no dirty water is coming out of the other side.

The debris collection plate can also be soaked and scrubbed with a soft brush. Use a mild detergent and let it soak for 10 minutes. 

Let the filter dry out completely before you put it back into the air purifier. Mold could grow on the air filter which will completely ruin your air quality.

How To Clean A Non-Washable HEPA Filter

It’s highly recommended to not wash a non-washable HEPA filter. I know you're saying “duh it’s in the name Justin, why are you telling me this?”.  

Well, I’m going to tell you the way it's recommended to clean the non-washable filter.

Then we are going to break the rules and show you a way you can wash it. It’s completely up to you which way you decide to clean it but I love options.

Use a soft brush or a vacuum with the brush attachment with a HEPA filter to clean a non-washable HEPA filter. Clean both sides of the filter and you should be good. 

Eventually, you will have to replace your filter if you clean it this way.

So you’ve decided to wash the non-washable filter!(Living on the wild side)

This way will save you a ton of money and can extend the life of your filter for 10 or more years!

Here are the steps:

  • Mix a small amount of laundry detergent with warm water.
  • Put filter into the mix and dunk it in and out of the water.
  • Don't blast it with water out the faucet because the filter is made of paper.
  • Let it soak in the water for 15 min. You can add bleach but its optional
  • Rinse it with hot water and dunk it up and out of the water.
  • Dry it by putting it on a terry cloth towel for 30 min. Don't use a heat gun or air dry.
  • Put it back into the air purifier and run it on low.

How To Clean A Regular Disposable Filter

You can clean a disposable filter which will save you money.

Before you get rid of the filter check it because some air purifiers base the filter change off of the time it's been used. 

Not how much you use your air purifier. Your filter might not actually need to be changed.

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Disposable filters should be cleaned in between changes. Change your disposable filter once a month.

To clean the disposable filter use a vacuum or air compressor.

How Often Should Clean or Replace Your Filter

Most air purifiers have a light that lets you know when you need to clean or change your filter.

If yours doesn’t then its  time you to replace your filter. A carbon filter should be replaced every 3 months.

HEPA filters will last a year to a year and half before they need to be replaced.

Permanent filters should be cleaned every 3 months or when they look old and damaged.

What You Need To Do After The Air Purifier Is Clean

Make sure everything is dry before you put your air purifier back together.

Mold could start growing in your air purifier without you even knowing it. 

Bottom Line

Cleaning your air purifier will save you money and keep it working for years. 

You won't have the cleanest air if you don't clean your filters.

Now that you know how to make your air purifier last forever learn wheres the best place to put your air purifier.


Let me know in the comments what's the way you like to clean your air purifier!

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