Do Air Purifiers Dry Out The Air

Air purifiers don’t remove moisture from the air.


Air purifiers can't dry your air out.

They only filter air pollutants such as dander, allergen, spores, and dust.

Do Air Purifiers Dry Out The Air

 You end up with cleaner air but with the same humidity.

If you want to remove moisture from the air (dry out the air), you can go for dehumidifiers.

In this article:

  • Ran a test to see what happens when an air purifier is in a dry air room.
  • Why do air purifiers make the air feel dry. 
  • Do air purifiers dry out your skin. 

Quick Air Purifier Test

We did humidity and purification tests in a sealed room to figure out how air purifiers work in a polluted environment.

In about 30 minutes of running the air purifier, particulate pollution in the room read zero, dropping from nearly 200 micrograms.


Our air quality monitor didn’t register any change in humidity.

In the second experiment, we used a refrigerated air conditioner to determine whether it can alter the room’s humidity.

We registered a lower humidity level since setting the air conditioner into “dry mode” turns it into a dehumidifier.

FINAL RESULT: Some types of air purifiers can make your air feel dry. But it's not actually drying the air out.

What Makes the Air Feel Dry When I Run My Air Purifier?

Typically, air purifiers lower temperatures by leveraging the room’s humidity.


In the process of circulating the air, air purifiers can pull excess humidity. This is what causes the air in the room to FEEL dryer.

Remember, air purifiers circulate air in a room just like a fan does. 

Also, warm air tends to feel more humid since it holds more moisture. Cooling the air makes it feel less humid which makes it have that dry feeling.

You can feel dry air if you’re running your purifier in a small room or when you set it to a speed that is too high. This is because air purifiers pull air into the device instead of circulating it.

Air purifiers don't remove moisture from the air, regardless of how the air circulating in your room feels.

Do air purifiers help with dry skin

Does an Air Purifier Cause Dry Skin?


unless you turn on the “dry mode” .

You can also dry your skin out if you use a dehumidifier together with the air purifier in the same room.

On top of that...

Air purifiers can be beneficial to you if you have oily or sensitive skin.

They reduce the chances of skin irritation or breakouts by removing airborne pollutants from your living space.

What Else Can Cause Dry Air Feeling Besides an Air Purifier or a Humidifier?

You don’t have to your air conditioning running to have dry air in your living room.

Generally, cold air feels dry.

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You’ll get more dry air during the winter than the summer. Cold air holds less moisture than warm air.

The air circuiting outside your house during winter is naturally cold and holds less water.

There's also a high likelihood that you use less ventilation in your living room during winter to minimize cold.

Whether you turn on your air purifier or dehumidifier in this condition, the air will still feel dry.

Can I Experience Sore Throat Due to an Air Purifier?

No, an air purifier can't cause dry cause.

Most air purifiers use a HEPA filter, which is very efficient in air purification.

Air filters can get rid of your sore throat instead of making it worse.

This is because HEPA filters eliminate airborne bacteria without removing moisture from the air. 

It might be different if you have a chronic respiratory condition like asthma and if you use ozone or an ionic air purifier.

These air purifiers can irritate you because they use to charged particles to attract air pollutants to them.

But that's not the same as a sore throat.

Besides the charged air particles, you can also experience throat irritation because  to ozone residues. 

You’ll only get these side effects if you have an underlying respiratory condition.

If you have any respiratory conditions you should see your doctor before you buy an air purifier.

You don't want to buy the wrong type and end up having health problems because of it.

Is It Okay to Use Both an Air Purifier and a Humidifier in the Same Room?

It's alright to use an air purifier and a humidifier in the same room.

You put them together like Voltron and you got a mean air fighting machine!

The air purifier will take care of your asthma and allergies while the humidifier will take care of your cold and flu's.

Can an Air Purifier Affect My Health?

It can be shocking if your primary doctor tells you your air purifier making you sicker.

Well, that’s not far from the truth.

Air purifiers can make you feel sick more often than you do on a regular day, depending on how they purifier your air.

Ozone air purifiers can release excess amounts of ozone in our room. 

The extra ozone causes lung irritation or long-term damages to the body.

Even though ozone purifiers work best against unpleasant odors, they can worsen asthma, cough, or even chest pains.

Electronic purifiers can also make you feel sick after long-term use. An electronic air purifier cleans the air in your living room by pulling airborne pollutants towards it.

In that process, the air particles get electronically charged.

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When the device releases the purified air into the room, the charged particles may attract dust and other pollutants, making them heavy.

These particles fall and accumulate to form dust on walls, sofas, and even appliances in the long haul.

Eventually, the dirt gets back into circulation and may cause health complications when inhaled.

Can Air Purifiers Trigger Allergy or Cause Breathing Complications?

Some people with breathing problems feel more comfortable in a room with an air purifier.

Air purifiers can put you at risk for breathing complications and allergies if you aren't careful.

If you sit or sleep too close to your air purifier, it can trigger allergic reactions or worsen your breathing complications. 


Sitting next to the purifier means sitting in line with all the pollutants pulled into it.

How do you prevent these risks? 

You would want to sit on the opposite side of the room from where the air purifier is running. 

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The Bottom Line

Do air purifiers dry out the air?


Air purifiers will not change how the dry the air is but it can make the air feel dryer than it actually is.

All your air purifier will do is clean the air in your house.

You just have to be careful of what kind of air purifier you use because it could make you fee sicker!

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